Philips (2016, Beautiful Lives)

Challenge: Philips developed a service for cancer patients who are treated with chemotherapy. It gives patients the opportunity to stay at home, while doctors and nurses monitor blood values. In April 2016 Minicare Home would be introduced in the UK. The Dutch team based their introduction plans so far on insights of the UK. Philips asked Beautiful Lives to gain insight in the dynamics, opportunities and barriers for the introduction of the Minicare Home in The Netherlands.

Approach: using the patient journey as a starting point (drawn on a big sheet of brown-paper) I conducted several group sessions with doctors and nurses to map from both perspectives their current pains in the journey, including the pains of the patient. By asking them to draw the situation before and after the introduction of the new service, the different benefits of the Minicare Home for them became literally visible.

Impact: Based in the insights the Minicare Home appeared to have a much broader relevance in The Netherlands than assumed by the UK approach. The positioning of the new service was optimized which resulted in a stronger business case in The Netherlands.

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