Philips Design (2012)

Challenge: One of Philips Emerging business areas is infection prevention and control. Number one cause of infections in hospitals is hand hygiene. Philips design was asked to do research in order to gain insight in the current hand hygiene behaviour of health care professionals and what intervention would influence their behaviour.

Approach: by observations and experiments in two different hospitals we gained insight in current hand hygiene behaviour of health care professionals and tested what interventions would (not) work and why. Based on our observations we build simple low-fidelity prototypes to test different types of interventions. We did experiments to learn how to create awareness, remind and reward people to wash their hands, we tested the effect of different location of dispensers and we explored the impact of (different) feedback dashboards.

Impact: the insights in the dynamics in the hospital, the gap between theory and practice and interventions that work lead to a complete service system that can be offered to hospitals. The two participating hospitals (hygienists) used the insights for little instant improvements and internal awareness.

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