ANWB (2011)

Challenge: give insight into the customer journey for (going on) holiday, create support for and awareness of these insights among internal stakeholders and translate these insights into chances and opportunities for the ANWB.

Approach: AHA!NNEKE executed this assignment by desk research, co-exploration, qualitative and quantitative research, trainings and a co-creation event (see creative facilitation). End-result: ‘Het Grote Persona Vakantiespel’, a deck of cards with the most important insights per persona.

Impact: the ANWB uses three personas as a representation for their target group: Bert, Arthur and Margot. AHA!NNEKE brought the journey of going on holiday for each persona to life by using creative research techniques, like a diary with small visual assignments. The deck of cards as end results was enthusiastically received by internal stakeholders: this was a very practical and inspiring tool to use when working on a certain topic or persona. Better then a report that ends in the drawer.

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