Protestantse Kerk Nederland (PKN) (2017)

Challenge: The overall business challenge was: how can the church become more relevant for people who don’t go to church anymore? The PKN had the assumption that (activities around) the four biggest Christian Holidays (Christmas, Eastern, Ascension Day and Pentecost) would be a good starting point for increasing the relevance. So the research challenge was defined as: what meaning do the Christian Holidays have for people who do go and who not go (anymore) to church and what are their needs and wishes around those holidays?

Approach: AHA!NNEKE conducted 20 individual in-homes (in-depth interviews at peoples home). Before the interview participants received small creative assigments via WhatsApp to gain insight in their perception of each Christian Holiday.

Impact: One of the key insights was, that, especially for people who do not go to church anymore, offering activities outside the Christian Holidays was most appealing: they would have less religious feel and therefore would be more approachable for them. Furthermore the PKN core team was very pleased with the results, since it offered very concrete input for further development.

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