ABT (2018)

Challenge: ABT has set up the ABT Academy to offer employees the opportunity to further develop in certain specific areas. One area is creative thinking, which supports one of ABT’s spearheads: Innovation. AHA!NNEKE was asked to develop and facilitate 4 courses Creative thinking, 2,5 hours each. The objective of the course was to introduce ABT employees with (the value of) creative thinking, focussing on two elements:

Different perspectives to look at a challenge (FRAME): are we solving the right problem?

Different creative techniques to come to a solution (IDEATE): generate outside-the-box ideas.

Approach: In 4 training sessions of 2,5 hours each, AHA!NNEKE let ABT employees experience the first two phases of Design Thinking: Frame (formulating the right challenge) and Ideate (generating ideas for the challenge, using several creative techniques). The end-result was one worked-out solution, written and drawn. They received a card set with all the techniques they used and more, to help them apply it in their daily work. At the end of the course they wrote a card to themselves with their biggest insights or eye-openers, which was send a couple of weeks later to inspire their creativity.

Impact: Participants worked on real project challenges, which made the experience even more worthwhile. Especially the techniques in the Framing phase were experienced as a real eye-opener: next time they would approach a project a bit different at the beginning.

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