Protestantse Kerk Nederland (PKN) (2018)

Challenge: Based on the insight from research (see people research), generate activities that increase relevance for the Protestant faith for people who don’t go to church (anymore).

Approach: during a co-creation session with both the core team from PKN and the target group (a mix of people who still go to church and people who don’t anymore) a lot of ideas were generated. The best ideas were selected and worked into solutions. These solutions were presented and discussed with a group of preachers. Their feedback was used to not only optimize the solutions, but also to learn about how to communicate and implement these activities.

Impact: The solutions are now being further developed by PKN in order to be applied. Next to this the co-creation session also helped the core team to become really aligned and empathized with their target group, which helps in keeping the essence of the ideas in further developments.

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