I’m a freelance service designer, people researcher and creative facilitator. I designs and runs projects with a design thinking approach, with a focus on ‘insights as a means’: having real and meaningful impact in organizations and people’s lives by developing solutions based on a human perspective.

I like to work and live playfully. PLAY keeps me in the moment, energizes me, makes me see endless opportunities and above all it makes me happier. In all my projects I strive to make it playful for clients, users and participants as well, because I believe this results in the most optimal result, both process and content wise.

Curious to know more? You have a topic or challenge you want to discuss? I love to have a coffee!

Hanneke Hövels

Lauwerecht 68-bis

3515 GT Utrecht, The Netherlands

e. info@ahanneke.nl

m. +31 (0)6 19429558